[PSYCHOLOGY] Camila Adella Perez Elizondo

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Camila Elizondo
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[PSYCHOLOGY] Camila Adella Perez Elizondo

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    Adella Perez

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    1170 Cougar Ave - Floor 4, Room 1, Morningwood, Los Santos, San Andreas

    ZIP / Postal Code:

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    [email protected] (( OZONE ))

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    Trying to recover from a traumatic event that occurred a few weeks prior. Mainly need help with coping mechanisms and tips on moving on from what happen to me. Despite my best attempts, I am still having anxiety, nightmares, and insomnia and I decided that I need to see professional help.

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      Any are fine with me.
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Sade Aliz
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Re: [PSYCHOLOGY] Camila Adella Perez Elizondo

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Dear Ms. Camila Adella Perez Elizondo

We have received and reviewed your request and we are delighted to inform you that your appointment is scheduled on 26/JUN/2022 at 15:00 with Doctor Sade Aliz. Please make sure to:
  1. Park your vehicle on the southern parking lot on Strawberry Avenue.
  2. Enter through the northern entrance on Elgin Avenue which leads directly to the lobby and front desk.
  3. Show up at least fifteen minutes prior to the appointment time.
  4. Check in at the reception and patiently wait in the lobby.
Kind regards,
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